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Menu-subject to change dependent on weather, attendance,etc. Repetition from one week into the next is likely because of a substitution having taken place.

Little Sprouts Daycare Menu- June 18-22, 2018

Monday: Breakfast: milk,yogurt, toasts, bananas

Lunch: milk,Chicken n rice n veggie stirfry, popovers
Sncaks: am- grapes, crackers
pm: pears, goldfish

Tuesday: Breakfast: milk,oatmeal, orange slices
Lunch: Milk, roast pork, mashed potatoes, peas, bread/ butter
Snacks: am- Strawberries, pretzels
pm: granola, raisins, bananas

Wednesday: Breakfast:milk,eggs n cheese, toast, apple slices
Lunch- fish sandwiches, veggies/ dip (carrots, celery, broccoli, tom)
Snacks- am: pineapple chunks, graham crackers
pm: mandarins, crackers

Thursday : Breakfast: mil,kcold cereal, bananas
Lunch:Milk, mac/ cheese, pigs in a blanket, green beans
Snacks- am: peaches, pretzels
pm:apple slices w/ cinnamon, crackers

Fridy: Breakfast- milk, bagels/cream cheese, banana
Lunch: Milk, Spaghetti casserole ( gr. turkey, pasta, tom sauce, cheese)
corn, carrots/ dip
Snacks: am: string cheese, crackers
pm: yogurt, graham crackers