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Past Posts:  

 Our Camper Sprouts have enjoyed the first two weeks of Sprout Camp with great weather.  During the first week they  studied birds, learning to identify some kinds and made bird houses and binoculars for bird watching. Their artwork (on display) is a "fireworks" done with paint filled eggs which they sooo enjoyed throwing.  Along with Birds have come the butterflies and the excitement of watching caterpillars spin their cocoons and the current anticipation of waiting for them to emerge as butterflies.  During the second week the Campers have enjoyed lots of H2O activities with experiments involving "liquid fireworks", making


   Past Posts

It's shaping up to be another banner year of  "summer camp" activities at Little Sprouts.      So far there has been Creepy Crawly Week, Mud Pies and All things Messy Week and Stars and Stripes Week.  The campers have enjoyed making edible mudpies, had balloon tosses, a nature walk with bug collecting and made their own red, white and blue hula hoops.  They've enjoyed snacking on ants on a log, jello stars, fruit and veggie bugs and so much more.

The upcoming weeks will have them learning about reptiles, complete with a trip to CML to  view some real live reptiles, and then wrap up with a week of Camping with a Rock n Roll twist where they will have an opportunity to camp out overnight.  


Previous posts:

The Camper Sprouts have enjoyed a very busy past two weeks with Miss Bree leading in  Sun, Sand and Water and Our Town themed activitis.  Campers enjoyed having a "snowball" sponge fight, making personal sprinklers, building an ocean jar and a sand dollar 3 D art project as well as making some very interesting snacks to go along with these in their first week. Last week while learning about "Our Town" the Campers played a map game featuring some "famous" Brunswick landmarks.  They participated in water/spray painting, balloon relay races and  especially enjoyed a trip to the library to make dream catchers.  

This week finds us celebrating The Red, White and Blue with lots of patriotic events, crafts and  yummy, RWB fruit kabobs for snack one day.  Following this will be a week of "Summer Olympics" , "Once Upon A Time", and in August a "Camp-out"  themed week in which there will be an opportunity for the Campers to tent out, have a bar-b-que and toast marshmallows for S'mores around the campfire. 

The Camper Sprouts have also been working on their garden and are very excited that things are popping up every day.  Lots of rain with some sun have given the beans, peas, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins and flowers a great start.